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Stepping Back


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I know I have expressed some fairly strongly held views myself.

There's nothing wrong with strong views and indeed it would be very unfortunate if in an attempt to 'be nice' we just agreed with each other the whole time and never got into decent discussion. The intention here is to focus our minds on how we engage with other people when we disagree, not to stop disagreement.

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Later than hoped after life became a bit disrupted but I've now produced the promised welcome thread. I hope it includes the thoughts people expressed but I didn't want it to be too long and there were aspects of the site's mechanics I felt needed spelling out too.


If there's anything else you feel would be particularly useful then please do say.

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Might be an idea to give a brief reference to the varied delights to be found in Anything But Books as well...

Yes, I wondered about that, but on balance thought that there has been a lot of comment about the need for more book posting, so I deliberately chose to make it very book-centric to set that mood. Maybe it's worth a quick mention, though - I'll have a think and if others agree then do say.

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