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A litre of water's a pint and three quarters

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I remember being taught this rhyme in Chemistry at school:


May her rest be long and placid

She added water to the acid.

The other girl did what we taught her

She added acid to the water.


Very useful, as it is quite difficult to remember which way is right and which is dangerous.

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I remember being taught a slightly different version of that by my Chemistry teacher at school.

Another cautionary tale, from my late mum:


Here lies the body of Margery Day,

Who died defending her right of way.

She was right - dead right - as she sped along,

But now she's as dead as of she'd been wrong.


Another, from my sister's 'Princess' comic in the 60s (I used to have a surreptitious read after her), for remembering the difference between latitude and longitude:


Latty rhymes with fatty,

Who's wide around the girth,

So Latitude must be the one

That goes around the earth.


Longy can't go wrongy

If you will take to heart

That Longitude is long enough

To hold the poles apart.


Not a rhyme, but if you want to remember the difference between stalactites and stalagmites, think of ants in the pants: the mites go up and the tites go down!

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Oh: and

A metre equals three feet three:

It's longer than a yard, you see.


That and the thread title were dreamed up in the 70s as part of a government advertising campaign to persuade us to think metrically. Successive governments seem to have chickened out of imposing it by diktat, and we're still allowed our illogical pounds, ounces, feet, inches, gallons and pints.

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Oak before ash, we're in for a splash;

Ash before oak, we're in for a soak.


(The order in which those two trees put out buds in the Spring was supposedly a guide to how wet or dry the summer would be.)


Beer on whisky, very risky;

Whisky on beer, never fear.


(In other words, if you're drinking both, drink beer first.)


As for wiring plugs, the way to remember is:

Blue and Brown to the Bottom;

Blue to the left, Brown to the right.

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Beer on whisky, very risky;

Whisky on beer, never fear.

Along the same lines:


Wine before beer, you'll feel queer

Beer before wine, you'll feel fine.


And I have to admit that I think it's very true - not that I ever mix my drinks, of course :rolleyes:

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