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Man's Search for Meaning

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Dr. Frankl was a psychologist who survived Auschwitz. In this book he talks about how the human mind reacted with each trial that they faced in the camp. Has anyone else read this book or listened to it's excellently narrated audio books?

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    • By Abbynormal92243
      I read this book for the first time last March, and it's now among my top five favorites. One line in this book stays with me: "The best of us did not survive." Frankl illustrates how we humans are resilient and hungry for hope. At one point, simply the mental image of his wife smiling at him gave him hope, and I think that was my favorite part of the book because it made me appreciate the connections I have with certain precious people. Frankl's story helped me put my own suffering into context.
      Has anyone else read this?
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