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Ever wanted to take part in a book group...with the author present?

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great idea


address on the way




I got your PM. The deadline passed a couple of weeks ago, I'm afraid. However, I have emailed the publicist to ask if she can send out one more copy.


I will let you know if she can, but if not, you can buy the book and earn both Top Cat and myself a few pennies, and then join in the discussions. That of course goes for everyone.


Either scroll down to the Educating Peter forum in Book Groups or follow this link:



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Hurray! Got my copy Tuesday PM and finished it Thursday AM - couldn't put it down! Got to buy 'Nice Jumper' next, as I love TC's style!


Can't wait to discuss this - especially with a 57-80's vinyl junkie who knows who Gordon Lightfoot is!!! :D

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Thanks very much to Bill and Top Cat and those concerned at Transworld!


I got my copy a few days ago, but have not been able to get near it -or indeed this forum - because of my very own teenage would-be musicians (and their toddler brother).


Oh, for a little peace and quiet.......!

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