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Live Music Plans?


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I unfortunately haven't been to any live concerts or gigs in a year or so, my last concert was in January 2015 and I went to see Slipknot and Korn, super good but also super expensive! Around £90 for a standing ticket!  

In November I am going to see Bullet For My Valentine with a few friends, but I don't have any other gigs or concerts planned. Not many of the bands or singers I like visit my city so I normally have long intervals between the concerts I attend. But I am still looking forward to Bullet and hopefully more in the future!

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2 more lined up for the end of the year


Kate tempest (currently reading her novel) at the end of November and in mid-december, going to see Low in Christchurch cathedral, which because of the setting I am really looking forward to

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so i've had a busy year in regards to gigs so far.


in february, i had three gigs - frightened rabbit, joseph and teagan & sara. i enjoyed the three shows, teagan & sara were my favourite. really good live despite one of them (maybe sara) having a sore throat which led them to cancelling austrailia & new zealand tour), very heavy on the two electro pop albums which would be the two i love.


Joseph had been good, being a newish act, they could do some work on it and frightened rabbit was an enjoyable show.


i saw haley bonar in march, i thought she was excellent live. i really enjoyed this show


in june, i was at arcade fire. it was good.


last week i was at lisa hannigan who are mesmerising live. i really enjoyed this show. she is a really good performer. her support was an act i quite like too, inni-k


i have so far 5 others planned for the remainder of the year :)


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so i had 12 gigs in total this year. the second half was


Belle & Sebastian - very much a best of show, playing a great mix of songs from their albums though only a couple from the latest girls in peace time want to dance.


Roots Manuva - a good show, though they only started it at 10pm which is a bit annoying. also the venue is very nice but isn't really a conducive setting for a brit hop musician.


amber arcades - i really liked this show. they have a very good rapport with the crowd. i also met the singer afterwards and she is very nice


st. vincent - the support was actually the short film she directed. it was only st. vincent on the stage, i don't think many artists could have pulled this off but with the theatrics of st. vincent and quality of her performance, she could. a real favourite of mine


london grammar - while the performance of songs was very good it seemed all they said between the songs was that playing in ireland is their favourite place to play (must be even worse for fans outside of ireland where they mustn't speak at all) and asking for fans to sing along.  and also, the 50 minutes between the support act and main act was too long, far too long.


jesca hoop - if this gig wasn't in december, i wouldn't have gone but it was and i kind of like a gig at the end of year to book mark the year :) i'm glad i went. she is conversational live, interacting with stories between the songs and her dess she was  wearing. it reminded me of a lantern and i think that was the idea. a really lovely night and very happy to have gone.


my favourite 5 gigs of 2017 were st. vincent, belle & sebastian, haley bonar, lisa hannigan and jesca hoop :)


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So starting on a roll this year with 5 already


British sea power in february

A really great set from one of my favourite bands, good mix of songs between new and old, throwing in a couple from their first album in 2002. 


hamell on trial in February

not a person for everyone but he does put on a great show, one I really enjoy filled with jokes and biting cynicism. I think he is a great performer


elbow with John grant.

i prefer John grant's stuff to elbow's. I liked. John grant opening up did a good mix of 7 songs (maybe 8). Elbow put on a good show too.


wyvern lingo

i saw these before supporting marina & the diamonds a number of years ago. (Irish support acts can be mixed, many of which I've seen opening are no longer active) In that time, they have really put a lot of work into their live performances. It really shows and this was very entertain. I enjoyed their music very much, the soulfulness of their sound coming through. And doing things in an unorthodox way.


belle & Sebastian with julien baker as support

I wouldn't go to too many acts 9 months after seeing them before (actually not many acts come and do proper gigs in Dublin in that short space of time) but belle & sebastian are an exception to this. this was great. my favourite  band. Put on a really great show again,  showing pictures of their travels in Dublin, a Venn diagram of the songs they've played between the show last July and the 2 this week showing very little overlap (maybe 4 songs altogether at more than 1 show). The new song or two they played work well live. Piazza, new York catcher really nicely done.


Julien baker as a support act was very good too. Rejoice was a good song.



This is looking a good year so far. 7 more gigs planned.

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Susanna in one of the small rooms at the national concert hall.


It was gorgeous, hauntingly beautiful performance. She was accompanied by a violinist (I bought a CD from the violinist afterwards of her own solo stuff), harpist and an accordionist performing mostly songs from her latest album. 


She got two standing ovations, one after her cover of perfect day (Lou reed) and then to finish it off love way to the top (ac DC cover). Her set included a great selection of songs, many covers. Freight day was a really great live as was the song that goes Derry Derry down. The accordion on that one in particularly was greatly maniacal.

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On 9/27/2018 at 04:50, momac said:

Sounds lovely iff and you have a nice CD of violin music to enjoy at home.  Is Susanna a popular artist in Ireland, haven't heard of her, what kind of music?


she wouldn't be popular. it was in a smallish room in the national concert hall. if it was full it would have probably held 140 people seated but from my seat in the fourth row, i could see many empty seats ahead of me too which was a pity


her style is a bit low key in the singing, slowed down in the vocals, big emphasis on her vocals which are just beautiful.



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