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We're all alone on the stage tonight, (have we got clearance from copyright?)

We've been told we're not afraid of you,

We know all our lines so well, ah-ha, (don't respond)

We've said them so many times,

Time and time aga-a-a-in,

Line and line aga-a-a-in.


Ooh yeah, you're amazing,

We think you're incredible,

You say we're fantastic,

But still we don't head the bill, (technically we do)


'Wow' (Alan Partridges' Kate Bush tribute medley) :)

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One of a kind love affair is

When your down is up, when your up is down

But love stays around,

And when you know you're right

But you got to make a little sacrifice

You make it for love


One of a Kind (Love Affair) - The (Detroit) Spinners

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There's a place in the sun for anyone

Who has the will

Chase one and I think I found mine

Yes I do believe I have found mine.

So, close your eyes

And think of someone you physically admire

And let me kiss you, oh, oh, oh

Let me kiss you, oh, oh, oh


Let me kiss you (Morrissey) :)

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On competing, Oh, when will this tired heart stop beating?, It's all a game, Existence is only a game

And I'm, Not sorry for, For the things I've do-ne

And I'm, Not looking for, Just anyone


I'm not sorry (Morrissey) :)


Muse to self: [Has it chanced to dawn on anyone that I'm rather a fan of this fabulous artist?]


Adressing the auditorium: Oh, well.....I shall presume that you guessed that already.

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You keep me running round and round,

well that's alright with me,

Nothing, nothing, nothing's gonna

step in my way.

Living on the ceiling,

No more room down there.

Things fall into place,

you got the joke, fall into place.


Living On The Ceiling - Blancmange

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As I lay me down to sleep, this I pray

That you will hold me dear,

And though I'm far away, I'll whisper your name

Into the sky, and I will wake up happy


As I Lay Me Down - Sophie B Hawkins


It neither rhymes nor scans but it's one of the most perfect pop songs of the 1990s.

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99 Red balloons

floating in the summer sky

canny birds its red alert

there's something here from somewhere else

the war machine springs to life

opens up one eager eye

focussing it on the sky

as 99 red balloons fly by


99 Red Balloons - Nina (or Nena?)

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(That the Seventies Oriental version?)


I would have thought so, all fluttering dresses and improbable Eastern body gyrations. (It all decidedly smacks of the Kama Sutra). Or is there another more toned-down version which I have omitted to consider in my vast musical back-catalogue.........? :confused:

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