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Clothes and where to buy them...

Jeremy DEagle

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I have concerns about how my clothes are produced, made etc but there is also the question of money. I tend to avoid buying clothes from George, Primark etc due to the concerns of some poor 8 year old kid in some far of country being exploited.


However, is it better to provide these people with some income as if the clothing companies pulled out they would potentiall have no income?


Where can you buy clothes that aren't made by abusing other countries- is it even possible these days?


Its so confusing and difficult and I simply dont have the money to spend fortunes on clothes that I can guarantee are fair traded etc......

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It's an interesting question. Countries with low labour costs still need business and the more business they get, the higher the wages should go (as demand for labour increases). But when the low labour wages are not enough to live on, is it right to take the products of that labour? And whilst we'd much rather see children in low wage societies spend time in school, it's understandable that their families want them to earn money as soon as possible - especially if they do not perceive any benefit from educating their children. It's all terribly complicated, and making your own clothes is no guarantee either because the cloth may well come from a low wage country.


Overall, though, boycotts probably do short term damage but can focus a government's mind on the need for real change. Boycotts brought down apartheid in South Africa, but not before extensive debate about the rights and wrongs of boycotts.


As for where I get my clothes - most of them are from the internet.

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Clothes these days are nearly always made in the far east. However, most manufacturers are humanely making their products. I personally feel that, although I don't buy from places like Primark or Gap, that it won't stop others buying it. It's cheap and no guarantee that it was made in a sweatshop by a 12 year-old, though the chance.

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Did anyone see Top Gear yesterday?

The guys all had suits made to measure in a day and Jeremy had some shoes custom made for him.

Just an observation.

I heard recently that one of the effects of the increase in clothes being made in China is that a lot of African economies are suffering as they can't compete on prices.

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