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Liked your first response better, Momac. I was gonna say 'realist'. It's an old rookie bird watching mistake to think those big dark birds will be eagles , but they usually turn out to be vultures.


Functionally beautiful

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I was responding to Birdie and the Eagle is two under as you probably know.


We have Turkey Vultures about a couple of miles up the road from us near the quarry, when we first came here to Ontario I thought they were eagles until someone put me right.  They remind me of death. :scared:


There are some nesting eagles in a conservation area near us and they are watched carefully for when they produce their young.  They also band the falcons which nest on the tall buildings in Hamilton, they give them names and then one female flew away and didn't return but I think the male now has a new consort so he's not lonely.  We have lots of bird watchers here - I never joined as I would have to buy a funny hat!   :rolleyes:

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