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I agree about Bonfire of the Vanities, it's an easy nomination for the novel of the 80's, Sherman McCoy - Master of the Universe! - was such a brilliantly timely creation.


I've noticed a lot of things that were published or produced around then sort of fall into a no-man's-land where they aren't old enough to be 'modern classics' (in the Penguin sense), but their publication predates the internet, so they don't get the attention of contemporary novels either. It's a bit of a pity!

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Going to start Eoin Colfer's new offering The Airman in anticipation of helping at a talk he is giving in Winchester in February.


I saw Colfer speak at Hay in 2006. He's enormously entertaining - blarney personified.


My RL group is reading my specialist subject for this month's meeting, Great American Novels. It's given me an excuse to finally finish "The Great Gatsby", which I read about half of when I was at university, but the sheer weight of required reading meant that I never finished.


To be honest, I found Fitzgerald hard going at the time, which was one of the reasons for abandoning it. I read "Tender is the Night" a few years ago, which did little to change my opinion. However, each time I read his work am left with the feeling I'm missing something, and that it's not his fault but mine, so I want to persist with Fitzgerald. Maybe this time around I'll get him.

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I've got a choice between 2 books for work. I've been ignoring them for a few days in the hope that I can get myself back in the reading swing post-xmas. So it will either be:

Fearless Fiona - Karen Wallace, which has 2 short stories in it.

MegaMan: NT Warrior - Ryu Takamisaki, a "read me backwards" manga offering.

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