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They are nothing like as bad as yours, Momo, and (if I wasn't retired) they wouldn't keep me off work.

But they do come in runs of 3-5 mornings in a row, and interfere with my focus (eyesight & concentration).

Anyway, even if you don't get them as often, I wish you all the best.
It was good to see a pageful of Momo posts when I just logged in!
Thank you. :flowers:
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I started Bright Shiny Morning by James Frey last night. It's too early to say what I make of it, but I am glad he has stuck to the same writing style as in his 'memoirs'. And no, I don't mean lying, I mean, lack of punctuation and short, snappy sentences all on their lonesome.

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Finished James Frey's BSM yesterday - review to follow.

Started and finished Helen Garner's The Spare Room today. Powerful and immaculately written short novel.

Starting Paul Auster's Collected Novels later tonight. Why do I take on these huge hard-backed tomes? Should have just bought the New York Trilogy on its own.

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Continuing my vampire theme - Bram Stoker's Dracula....


Amazing reading! Stoker is able to free a gothic novel from its schemes, putting it between the Masterpieces of the Human Literature... Dracula is full of profound meanings! I hope you'll enjoy it!


If you like vampire stories, you could read even the short story "Carmilla" by Le Fanu. It's one the main inspirer sources of vampires stories.

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