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In the past few weeks, I have had somewhat of a 'readfest' devouring one book after another, mainly in the fantasy/supernatural genre as I have a long-held affection with anything to do with the supernatural.


I have read the entire 'Night Huntress' series by Jeaniene Frost, which is a series of seven books and a novella about a girl - Cat, who hunts vampires and has been told all her life that vampires are evil and need to be destroyed, the first twist is - she is a half vampire, her father being a vampire who allegedly attacked and raped her mother.  Whilst on one of her hunts she comes across Bones a wily and ruthless vampire who isn't so far removed from her, he is a Bounty hunter who tracks down fellow vampires and kills them for money, she tries to kill him and he captures her and they form an unlikely alliance which evolves from a grudging respect to love. I have also read a couple of spin-off novellas about a couple of the supporting characters and the spin-off four book series 'The Night Prince' Series about the most famous vampire of them all, Vladislav Basarab Dracul aka Vlad the Impaler or 'Tepesh' (meaning impaler), aka Dracula  - only don't call him by that name or he is likely to kill you and how he meets Leila a human with extraordinary paranormal abilities after surviving being electrocuted by a downed power line, it is essentially a love story about how they meet and fall in love but there is also a good plot around that story.


Also read recently: Grave Witch by Kalayna Price (which I finished yesterday), another supernatural story about a girl who is a witch who can raise shades, that is the essence of dead people, not the soul and not ghosts more like a memory and she uses these talents to help police with cases and Degrees of Darkness by Tony J Forder which is not a supernatural story but a mess with your mind psychological thriller about a serial killer.


I have just started on the 'Charley Davidson series' by Darynda Jones the first book in what is a 13 book series (and the last book isn't released yet) is called 'First Grave on the Right' and is about a girl who is basically the grim reaper, dead people come to her as she is portal to cross over, however, this also means some of these souls who have died violently come to Charley to try and get justice for the way they have died and she works with her uncle who knows a little about what she can do and who is a cop to solve murders with this unique inside information. 

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Spent a pleasant evening reading a pleasant (nice) book.  Goodnight From London by Jennifer Robson.  Nothing startling but easy reading - in 1940 a young woman working for an American magazine is asked if she would like to go to London and write from her perspective  what she encounters there.  It's a joint venture between two editors who will split the cost of her employment.  It's an exciting prospect for the young talented writer who paints a picture of London and of parts of England for those who have never lived there.  It takes in the blitz and all its attendant agony and the rationing and the overnight stays in the shelters but all the time the friendliness and love which surrounds this young woman, while maybe a little unrealistic, produces a 'nice' story even taking into account that not all goes well all the time.  It's quite a escape from the usual thriller type books I read and although I haven't finished reading it I'm sure the good feeling will continue. 

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On 09/05/2018 at 21:52, lunababymoonchild said:

My Cousin Rachel, Daphne Du Maurier

I really liked that.


Currently the world goes on by Laszlo krasznahorkai. 


Shortlisted for man booker international but not making good progress, in fact I fell asleep reading it at lunch time yesterday, only to be awoken at 2:08pm. 


I hope no one came into the office and saw me :( ;)


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