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Fictionwise is Having a 50% Rebate

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Random House is giving away 9 free ebooks on Fictionwise. The only catch is they're in the eReader format. I usually prefer Mobipocket, but I'll make an exception for free books. eReader really isn't that bad of a format.


I don't know how long this promotion will last.


The titles are:


0.00 - 1 The Whiskey Rebels: A Novel by David Liss

0.00 - 1 The Idiot Girl and the Flaming Tantrum of Death by Laurie Notaro

0.00 - 1 Free-Range Chickens by Simon Rich

0.00 - 1 The Foreign Correspondent by Alan Furst

0.00 - 1 Six Bad Things by Charles Huston

0.00 - 1 Prague by Arthur Phillips

0.00 - 1 Murder List by Julie Garwood

0.00 - 1 Caught Stealing by Charles Huston

0.00 - 1 A Dangerous Man by Charles Huston


0.00 - Total


While the list isn't stellar, Alan Furst is a wonderfully atmospheric writer of WWII espionage thrillers (but I haven't read The Foreign Correspondent yet), and Prague by Arthur Phillips is quite good. I highly recommend those two at least.



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