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pc help needed!


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When my the keyboard on my laptop was broken by my youngest son I bought a USB keyboard to keep me going. I found a nice slimline one on Amazon. Luckily I managed to get my keyboard fixed via my home insurance.


However, while I was waiting for the repair I found out that it is possible to get repalcement keyboards fairly cheaply via Ebay. They would probably be US layout rather than British but that shouldn't be too much of a problem as they are exactly the same size. They are very easy to fit.


It might be worthwhile opening up your laptop and seeing if the connectors from the keyboard are still in place. You usually have to do this from the base and work your way up to the keyboard.

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Well, I'm back!


Minimum cost for anything but a USB keyboard was over £200 with a turnaround time of approx 2 weeks. As battery was also not holding its charge very well I had been considering getting a new one of those too so I decided to splurge a little and get a new laptop. Now feeling extremely decadent and just a little guilty.


Once again , thanks to everyone who offered suggestions - although I wouldn't have known where to start with any of MarkC's! It does feel good to be able to type with u, i, o and p again!

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More PC woes. I use Office 2000 including Outlook, and it's been going funny. Now it says it can't access the address book, which means it won't send any emails, even if I manually type in the address.

I run my life by email, so I'm feeling really frustrated! The only thing I can think to do is to uninstall and reinstall Office, but if so, will I lose all my files? I have copied the address book to a USB stick, but the .pst file with, I think, the emails in it won't copy as it says "another process has locked a part of the file" (I managed to get this far by consulting the wise old internet - I don't know this stuff!)


Any tech wizards out there know what I should do before I lose my entire social life??


(I suppose I could just phone people ...)

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I'm no tech wizard but usually if I can't get things to work properly I use System Restore to take the machine back to a time when everything was hunky-dory.


If you re-installed I don't believe that would affect any saved files, just put the software that uses it back to the beginning again. Still, you'd best wait until a whizz can give more informed advice! (System Restore won't hurt, though!)


Sorry you've had such a trying day!

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If the problem is corruption of the pst file you can try to fix it. MS Office installs a program called scanpst.exe somewhere (you'll have to use the find facility to search for it, I can never remember where it lives).


Run that, tell it the name of your pst file and see if it finds and fixes any problems. Be warned, it can take a while.


All your emails, address book, calendar etc. are stored in the pst file, so uninstalling office will not delete them. However I'm not sure that re-installing office will help.

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