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Of course I didn't need a third copy of the same book, but the new series of Popular Penguins means it's just too cheap to not buy.


And what a wonderfully well done imprint it is. Very white paper, wonderfully traditional orange covers, original typefaces...but I suppose I should mention the book itself.


Shackleton is a talented writer who manages to make even the mundane parts of the expedition exciting. Fund raising! The Media! Sponsorship! Preparation! Sure his boat was crushed in the ice and he sailed to South Georgia and all men were rescued, but we know all that so let's indulge in the the beauty of this imprint. No glossy photographs, no "wide screen" book , just Shackleton's own words in the most handsome cover. Well worth the pittance that the Popular Penguins are going for.

Edited to add: I knew I should have left well alone but I had to try and find the book cover. Unfortunately, I came across this abomination where some gurning tourist thinks the right way to remember her one moment at Shackleton's grave is to half stand on it with her plastic glass of bubbles and grin. I hate her and all that she represents.

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