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Taking it's title from the law that sex offenders must reside more than 2000 feet away from areas that children reside and frequent, this play is an uncomfortable look at the fate of sex offenders because of this law, specifically A.G, a vulnerable sex offender who finds himself cast from his home which is too near a play school.


The unnamed 'Deputy' is made responsible in this small Iowa village for ensuring that the offenders find somewhere 'safe' to live - not safe for them, but in keeping with the parameters of the law. And for Deputy, this means evicting his neighbour A.G from his family home and finding him somewhere to live. The only problem is that the nearest place is a motel where a seemingly large horde of offenders have been relocated and therefore a prime target for village vigilantes.


Within the acts of the play is an uncomfortable discussion between a young girl and the Deputy - an inquisitive, Lolita-esque type girl who has grown up too quicly as her over-zealous parents strive to make her aware of the danger of sex offenders, presumably lurking on every corner. As the Deputy answers her questions and does his best to distract her from her line of questioning the reader/audience find itself asking where the line is drawn between friendliness and 'grooming' behaviour.


This is a short play of rapid pace. There are 9 'acts' which serve more as vignettes of the Deputy's day, which don't always add to a coherent whole. The vast majority of lines are stichomythic, one short line after the other delivered by alternating characters, which add to the fast pace and combined with myriad repetition of lines creates an unsettling, highly wrought tension.


It's a very small play, not in lines or pages or acts, but in the sense that this is one day, in a small town, where nothing out of the ordinary happens, but that just serves to make the events more disturbing. A coherent plot arc would have made it slightly more solid - but in performance this may not be necessary. Just need to see it in performance now.

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