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Someone recommended this travel book to me as a 'British Bryson' and I am pleased that he did, because it is a fantastic read. It is funny, sad, beautiful, inspirational and I couldn't put it down. I read it in two sittings.


I would recommend this to anyone who falls into one or more of the following categories :-


1. Likes funny/quirky travel books,

2. Is having a mid-life crisis!

3. Wants a bit of armchair adventure in places like Indonesia, Vietnam, China,

4. Enjoys the likes of Chatwin/McCarthy/Bryson,


I got my copy through Amazon but my friend got his at his local bookshop, published by Pegasus.


On a separate, but related theme, was I the only one not to get 'Round Ireland with a Fridge' by Tony Hawks? Did I miss something? I liked the idea but it didn't click with me.

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:) A highly recommended read to anyone who enjoys travelling off the beaten track, not only for the places visited but for the ability to involve the reader and the imaginative use of language. I would love to read more by this author.

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    • By My Friend Jack
      My copy arrived at the end of last week, and I made a start yesterday on the Gatwick Express. Travel books are not my usual thing, but that's the great thing about BGO - in the last 7 months I have read a number of books that I wouldn't normally have bothered with, but BGO has persuaded me to deviate from my normal diet of Stephen King / sc-fi / fantasy / music reference books!

      I'm about 60 pages in, and thoroughly enjoying the story. Slightly confused about Alan's relationship with B and the occasional reference to illness and divorce, but I've decided to ignore those and enjoy the story, taking each page as it comes. I'm sure all will become clear.

      My only gripe is with the proof-readers - or maybe there weren't any. As I mentioned on another thread, incorrect use of its / it's / its really gets on my tits - and there have been quite a few! Not blaming the author, though! ;-)
    • By My Friend Jack
      I got to the last page just as my train was arriving at Victoria.

      All in all, I found it an interesting read. The Epilogue was moving and well-written, and put the whole thing into context. Thank you, Alan, for telling your story - which I have to say I found a lot more absorbing that the only other travel book I've ever read - a certain "On The Road." Hope all is well with you and B.

      Best wishes,

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