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Well, indeed, but that was the quote in the article last night. I shouldn't say the phrase "other parts of his body" amused me, but I originally typed a different second para, then decided it would inappropriate to jump to such a conclusion, and it still probably is, but they are being a little more specific now it seems...

Police Lt. Gen. Worapong Chewprecha told reporters that Carradine was found naked with a length of black nylon rope tied around his genitals and another of yellow nylon rope around his neck.
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I read that she did marry him. I didn't realise they had been together for so long.
Yes I heard that on Radio 4 on the way home from work.
I hope they did. BBC News online says: O'Neal, who has been with Fawcett on and off since 1982, recently disclosed they would finally get married, but never got the chance to exchange vows.
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We'll have to agree to disagree about the merits of his music, Barblue (my take: those early Jackson 5 singles demonstrate all that was great about Motown and it has been downhill ever since), but Jackson's death was a shock in some ways. Still, if you think about what stress he must have been under for most of his life, from being an abused child to being alleged to be an abuser himself, perhaps not such a surprise.


Possibly only of interest to me, but I just discovered the journalist Steven "Seething" Wells, whose peak was on the NME in the late 1980s, died on Tuesday of Hodgkin's lymphona at the age of 49. I used to read his stuff avidly, and I think he would have liked the idea of dying in the same week as Wacko Jacko.

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