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Rest in Peace


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I see Wendy Richard has lost her battle against cancer and died today. Peace at last Wendy!


I remember her on a Mark Sarne (I think that's the spelling) record in the 1960s I believe entitled Come Outside. Despite all her fame and recognition in Eastenders I will always remember her for that quirky little number.


Ed: I originally put Coronation Street - that's because I don't watch soaps and get them muddled up. Sorry.

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The first contemporary American writer I ever admired. Thanks for Rabbit, John!


Especially for Rabbit at Rest, the last and, to my mind the finest of the lot. Also of course his short stories and penetrating but sympathetic criticisn (In eg Picked-up Pieces) as well as his frank autobiography Self-Consciousness.

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Kelly Groucutt, bass player of ELO in their pomp died last month as a result of a heart attack, just a few days after a friend saw the reformed band on stage. They were very good and he was very much the main man on stage apparently, doing most of the vocals.


He sang on a number of songs on the original recordings, including The Diary of Horace Wimp and Sweet Is The Night.

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In loving memory. Bloody hell.

Yes, I gagged myself when that was advertised on the telly last night. Quite appalling. How low can you go as an editor to put out that sort of edition when she's still alive? Why not wait until the inevitable has happened?


Oh yes, so that then you can put out another one.

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How very, very sad. She was a beautiful and talented lady.


When someone of a similar age to you dies so suddenly like that, it brings to mind your own mortality and how very much on a knife edge we all are. We certainly need to live life to the full and enjoy it. I don't really know that much about her personal life but I suspect she very much lived life to the full.

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