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Rest in Peace

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51 minutes ago, tagesmann said:

"Asterix was a star, Getafix was a druid, Dogmatix was a stubborn dog, and Anthea Bell was the translator that made all those wonderful puns."


"Anthea Bell, 'magnificent' translator of Asterix and Kafka, dies aged 82."



i was coming to post her death too. i really loved asterix as a child, getting the asterix books in the local library so its made me sad even though i hadn't even realised she translated them.


i thought her translation of walter kempowski's novel all for nothing was superb.


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Author and book reviewer Eileen batters by after car accident 



She has had a really big influence on my reading choices. Her love of books in translations were what encouraged me to get into them.


On a Saturday, the first thing I would do would be to search out to see what she reviewed that week.


There have been so many great books that I read because of her recommendations


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9 hours ago, lunababymoonchild said:

June Whitfield at 93

We can't really complain at losing her after such a long and varied career, but it really has been a joy to  see/hear her work.


I remember her in "Take It From Here" on the radio, between my 7th and 14th birthdays , as "Eth"; girlfriend, fiancée & then wife to Ron Glum.

Then  in partnership with Terry Scott in a couple of long-running TV sitcoms from the late sixties to the mid eighties.

I was not an AbFab fan, so only saw her in trailers for that, but she endeared herself to a new generation if viewers for her work in that.


What a career!

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