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A fun book this written by Tony Mitton and illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees. Bright, colourful, full-page illustrations accompany a AABBCC rhymed poem about spooky things coming out at night for a birthday party.


There is plenty in the text to prompt a fun reading: sound effects, alliteration, onomatopoeia...and the groups of spooky characters making their way to the castle party are dark enough to thrill but fun enough so as not to scare.


Particular highlights for my 3 year old are -


"Nine skeletons dance by, clickety-clack.

Their snapping teeth go snickety-snack."


"Sneaking closer now, what's this?

Prowling, yowling, scowling...Hissssss!

Leaping high and creeping low,

Seven scary cats with eyes that glow!"


But my favourite, most pleasureable word play is the introduction of "Mitch and Titch, the witchy twins". Try saying that after a glass of wine and a long day.


Highly recommended.

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I love anything that Guy Parker-Rees illustrates - they are so bright and bold and inviting. Most are also in poetry (he works frequently with Giles Andreae as well), and all have some of those tongue twister moments.


I'll have to take a closer look at Spookyrumpus though, as it isn't one that I use for storytimes, as I suspect it could be good for pre-schools towards the end of this term.

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