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Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale


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A seredipitous find this book after a long browse in the childrens' department of Borders a while ago. Knuffle Bunny, is the brief tale of baby Trixie who goes with her dad to the the laundromat, taking with her her favourite cuddly toy Knuffle Bunny. On the way home Trixie realises that she has left Knuffle Bunny at the laundromat, but in her pre-speech phase is unable to tell Daddy. She comes out with "Aggle flaggle gabble" which my boys loves to shout now to annoy me. By the time they arrive home, Daddy is as annoyed by Trixie as Trixie is at dad's failure to understand her upset. Mummy opens the front door and immediately asks "Where's Knuffle Bunny?" A repeated dash of the journey back to the laundromat follows to rescue Knuffle Bunny.


A simplistic tale told with fun, but the magic of this book is in the illustrations. The scratchy, colourful characters are drawn over vintage, 20s style, black and white photographs of New York. It is both modern and old, contemporary and classic - a winning combination for a quality childrens' book.


And it is worth noting that even though this isn't a boys' tale with male characters and themes, both my boys, 7 and 3, love hearing this book and looking at the pictures - they seem endlessly fascinated by the 'exotic', urban landscape.

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