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Yes, yes and half a yes! "My friend Jack eats sugarlumps..." supposedly referred to a horse, but the BBC suspected a drug connotation so the record was banned. Anyone remember the name of the band beginning with S?


And that just leaves BIA by another S. It's the only hit record I can think of that mentions kippers!

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I think we’ll draw it to a close at this point. “My Friend Jack” was a minor hit by a band called Smoke.


1. POL – W: Pictures Of Lily (The Who): tagesmann

2. WLR – ACDC: Whole Lotta Rosie (AC/DC): Grammath

3. IWM – RDT: Indiana wants Me (R Dean Taylor): jfp

4. BIA – S: Breakfast In America (Supertramp): Grammath

5. TS – TR: Telegram Sam (T Rex): Tay

6. A – T: Africa (Toto): jfp

7. LNDTA – S: Living Next Door To Alice (Smokie): Tay

8. LL – BB: Lady Lynda (Beach Boys): Keenomanjaro

9. LW – S: Little Willie (Sweet): Tay

10. SEP – PF: See Emily Play (Pink Floyd): jfp

11. IDLM – BR: I Don’t Like Mondays (Boomtown Rats): Grammath

12. JIOD – DB: John I’m Only Dancing (David Bowie): Tay

13. JE – H: Jennifer Eccles (Hollies): jfp

14. LC – C: London Calling (Clash): jfp

15. LS – SF: Lazy Sunday (Small Faces): Grammath

16. LM – B: Lady Madonna (Beatles): jfp

17. MFS – S: My Friend Stan (Slade): Tay

18. V – K: Victoria (Kinks): Grammath

19. JF – BD: January February (Barbara Dickson): Tay

20. MFJ – S: My Friend Jack (Smoke): Tay (who got the song title)


So, the scores on the doors:-

1. Tay 6.5

2. Jfp 6

3. Grammath 5

4. Keenomanjaro and tagesmann 1 each

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I assume that it's my turn to provide some questions?


These are all Live LP/CD's, most of them will be fairly obvious though I've stretched my own rule with a couple of them.


1. WOA - W


3. ALR - C

4. MIJ - DP

5. FCA - PF

6. SO - G

7. SRTS - LZ

8. BBB - BM(ATW)

9. S - DM


11. P - PF

12. M - S

13. P - S

14. OTR - T

15. W - VA

16. RNS - NY

17. A - DS

18. SITA - BJ

19. NSTH - M

20. FTM - O


There are two performers begining with S and two with PF but they are all different.

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04 Made in Japan - Deep Purple


I'm going to put my foot down with a firm hand and state that 07 should be The Song Remains The Same. Sorry - but it should.


Indeed it is.


Yes to Made in Japan




No need to apologise jfp, you're quite right. I'll go and stand in the corner for a while. :)

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