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Well just to keep things rolling till the next set of questions appear here's a one off


The manufacturer Levi had a successful run of adverts for their 501 jeans featuring over 20 popular songs. Name five of them.

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In the mid '90's when grunge was at its peak, Levi's were keen on using the song 'Today' by the Smashing Pumpkins, but the band refused. So Levi's found a relatively unknown band called Stiltskin whose song 'Inside' (a bland rip-off of 'Today') was used instead.


Hi K, the above song isn't in the list that I have but hey who's knows my source book may be wrong. So I'll take it as correct.


Also Mannish boy is right as well.

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Here's the Stiltskin advert:



Whilst I'm here, another one was 'Should I stay or should I go' - a shameful sell-out from the Clash.



Sorry K, I misread your post and looked for a song called Today.


Inside is on the list and so is The Clash Should I Stay .


I liked both of those songs.

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Hmm, they did actually, though apart from the Genesis one the rest weren't really that well known. :)


Apart from that you've got me with this one RR. So some silly answers till my brain kicks in -


They all come from Wales

They all appeared on Morecambe & Wise

They all drive Volvo

They all were expert surfers apart from the Beach Boys


No! Oh ok back to brain searching :)

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