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When I first read this, I'd just read A Streetcar Named Desire and I got bored by the lack of pace. Recently I re-read it, and it's so moving. Basically nothing happens so why it should be so moving it's hard to say.

When the unicorn breaks it is actually upsetting because of the way Laura talks about the glass menagerie

I was close to crying a lot. :(

But it's really good, although I think my favourite Williams play is Cat on A Hot Tin Roof :)

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I love TGM: I knew it long before I knew Streetcar.


I think one of its strengths is the fact that you don't quite know who has your sympathy - well, I don't. Every time I see it, my sympathies shift. I think when I was younger, I felt more for Laura and her insecurities, but I could see a lot of myself in Tom and his desire to escape and make his own life.


I saw it recently onstage in London, with Jessica Lange playing Amanda, and her performance made Amanda less comic and more believable. It was made more clear how disappointed she was, and how she gave up so much for her children. I found her the most sympathetic figure in the play - particularly when she finds out what Laura has been up to.

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Amanda's the pushy parent but she does want to do the right thing and wants Laura to live up to her. And Laura feels she can't.


I think each character (except Jim) is living in an imaginary world. Laura has her menagerie and her yearbook, Amanda has her memories of her youth, and Tom has his poetic nature and escapism.

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