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    • By Aixelsyd
      Young Adult Book Websites:
      Are you a teen?
      What books are you reading?
      I want to know!
    • By Hilary
      In my extended family we have a profoundly deaf 13 year old girl. Her grandma is trying to help her with her reading but they are struggling to find books they both like. They're trying Black Beauty at the moment. They didn't like Tracy Beaker ("rubbish") and the girl found Enid Blyton "too old fashioned" They are looking for lots of suggestions for books to try together. Please, if anyone has any ideas, could they post them here? They'd be really grateful. Thanks.
      I should add, that although she is 13, her reading age is about 8 so they have found that some of the modern books for teenagers have unhelpful grammar for someone with that reading age.
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