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The Incredible Book Eating Boy


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A real bargain this book, it cost me 5p for a brand new hardback at our school fair.


Henry one day discovers that he likes to eat books. He gobbles them up and discovers the more he eats the smarter he becomes, even smarter than his teacher (what kid wouldn't that appeal to?). But then he gets sick and has to stop eating books, but how to keep up with the learning? What else could you do with books?


Collages and changing fonts make this book a very interesting read indeed, and how could we resist a book about books with a great message about the power and beauty of books? And if that wasn't enough there's a big surprise for children to wonder at at the end of the book.


I believe this was selected by Richard and Judy, well, so says the ugly sticker on my otherwise pristine hardback bargain.

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I love Oliver Jeffers. This is certainly one for older readers to enjoy, it's not for the little ones, unlike his other offferings, How to Catch a Star, Lost and Found and The Way Back Home.


As a bibliophile, I love this one in particular though. It was indeed featured on the Richard and Judy Xmas books special in 2006, but I was pleased to see (and take advantage of) the increased interest in it!

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If anyone is within striking distance of Knightsbridge - The Illustration Cupboard art gallery is a great place to visit - you can view some of the original artwork from this picture book and many others. It's an incredible experience to see how the art work is made - I hadn't realised that the cover of "The Incredible Book Eating Boy" had been collaged.

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