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Where Wild Things Are


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A veritable childrens' book classic, but oddly, a relatively new edition to the library at chez Hazel.


Max is sent to his room without food, and a jungle grows. He eventually sails to 'where wild things are' and he becomes king of all the wild things.


This book is traditionally laid out with the text at the bottom of the page in a white space and the illustrations...illustrate, the words below, in a muted palette. There is 3 full page illustrations with no text toward the end, that show Mac dancing and parading with the wild things. Usually, my boys insist that I either dance or chant nonsense at these pages - which is half the fun of reading the book - it gets them to use their imagination to help tell the tale. And no, I don't do requests for anyone else.


You hear an echo of Sendak's -


"they roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth and rolled their terrible eyes and showed their terrible claws"


in Julia Donaldson's The Gruffalo which is hugely successful. Clearly, this book is a huge source of inspiration for childrens' authors.


I believe it is also being made into a film by Spike Jonze, which has got to be interesting.

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This is one of my two year old little boys favorite books at the moment he never tires of having the book read to him and the simple text means he is able to anticipate the next lines and say them before I do. The story and ilustrations are very appealing all and all its a perfect book to share with your toddler.


Especially I think as most little boys can relate to Max the main character.

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