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Charlie Cook's Favourite Book


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Much is made of Donaldson's The Gruffalo, but for me this is the best of her books. Possibly because it is to do with books, so it has a special resonance.


Charlie Cook settles down to read his favourite book, and with each page we are taken within a book, within a book, within a book. It is very clever and a treat to read outloud, as are all Donaldson's books. The illustrations by Axel Sheffler (as always) are also very good - bright, happy and apt. Charlie's reading takes the readers to pirates, spacemen, a jewel thief, a headless ghost...and so on. So not only do we keep jumping within books but Donaldson also manages to cover most genres.


My favourite 'jump' is this one, which has a satisfying rhyme at the end -


"About a greedy crocodile

who got fed up with fish

And went on land to try to find

some other kind of dish

He went into a bookshop

and there grew even greedier

While reading (on page 90 of a large encyclopedia)..."


and the next page takes us into a story within that encyclopedia.


It's an easy read, sounds great and keeps the kids rapt. Their favourite 'jump' is the headless ghost who puts her head back on to read her favourite book. And of course to complete the journey, we end up back with Charlie Cook.

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