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Roman blood, you have started quite a lot of threads now asking if authors are worth reading. I suggest it's time to start reading a lot of the threads that are already here and finding which books people have already recommended. Discuss some books you have enjoyed and then you can ask people who have contributed to that thread whether they can recommend any others.


Do you mean Anne Mccaffrey of the Dragonriders books?

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Do you mean Anne Mccaffrey of the Dragonriders books?


Would appear to be a reasonable guess to me and on that basis, then yes I think her books are worth reading. I just took a wander into the lounge and counted 16 of her works on my bookshelves so you might say I enjoy her writing although I am more of a fan of the earlier work.


Of the Dragon books I'd suggest Dragonflight (the first), Dragonquest which follows it and the three Menolly books - Dragondrums, Dragonsong and Dragonsinger.


Of her other works my favourites are To Ride Pegasus, which explores the social and political impact of humanity suddenly evolving telepathic abilities in a few individuals and The ship who sang with it's coda Honeymoon in the Get of the unicorn short story collection. Neither is a novel in the traditional sense, each is a collection of short stories set in its own world in chronological order and featuring consistent characters.


This reminds me that it is a very long time since I have read any of them and as I haven't got a book on the go at the moment now would be a good time to remedy that. I also have no idea what she's published in the last ten years or so (!)

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Following the post above I re-read all the books I mentioned over the last couple of months.


Dragonflight begins with a feudal society perfoming ancient rituals that no-one understands or remembers their purpose, with hints of psychic powers. Into this come the dragons and their riders with whom they share a telephathic bond formed when the dragon hatches. They are charged to protect the land of Pern from the myserious threat of "thread", that falls from the skies and devours living matter but has not fallen for four hundred years. As a consequence almost no-one believes it ever existed or will fall again, except for one bronze rider, F'lar, and some of those in his dragon wing.


The story follows the Search for a rider to bond with the last queen egg which is due to hatch and the return of thread to the skies of Pern.


These were among the first stories that I read when I returned to reading science fiction and fantasy over two decades ago and they are still a good read, well paced with strong central characters and plenty going on. The social structure and interaction between the leaders of the dragon riders, the Lord holders and the various craftsmasters is well portrayed and provides a convincing backdrop to a world that is inhabited by mighty dragons.


I would have liked to see Lessa's telepathic powers explored more, after a dramatic first use early on they are just about ignored in the following books and the pace of technological development feels wrong. These things don't detract from a cracking good read though, provided you are prepared (like with all fantasy & sci-fi) to suspend disbelief.


Dragonquest follows straight on and concentrating on the same characters, the three "Harper" books look into life in a craft hall rather than the dragon weyr and are (I think) more targetted at a young adult audience.

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