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What song is on your brain...right now?


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Haha...I had a song called Chillin' at the Grotto stuck in ym head on the bus home today. The only reason I can think of is because of a Christmas Concert which is coming up at college.

I just find it slightly humerous when songs that I haven't heard in an age suddenly turn up in my head heehee

it's so strange but i love it!


Welcome to the Dynasty's Lounge,

In this Lab we be creating new sounds,

People gather round


We're Chillin' at the Grotto!


haha I love it! ;)

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I'll Never Fall In Love Again. Not sure from whence that one sprang!


Could it be from this:


Ode to Billie Joe by Bobbie Gentry


since Bobbie Gentry sang both?


You know how, when you have a song in your head which reminds you of another song? Well, I currently have a medley of Eric Burdon & The Animals' San Franciscan Nights and the Nashville Teens' Tobacco Road.


Yes, I have a few of those. I've been watching a few episodes of Seinfeld in the early hours while feeding Dylan, and the theme tune has a riff that always puts Bobby Brown's My Prerogative. So I often go around with that on my brain as a result.

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