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A Mighty Heart


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I know that quite a few other people have read/will read this as copies were given out to some subscribers, and since I've finished it I thought I'd start the thread (as I meant to weeks ago!).


Given how the book is subtitled "The brave life and death of my husband, Danny Pearl" you would think I'd be realisitic in my expectation of what happens at the end, but no, I kept hoping for a happy ending. :( I don't think it's too much of a guess at how the book ends really! Without giving anything away, it's not all sad at the end, it shows how despite the tragedy, life goes on for the Pearl family and whilst it's not a "happily ever after" it does end with hope.


I wish I'd managed to see this at the cinema now, will just have to get it on DVD as it's definately something I can see being transferred to film very well!


So has anyone else read it yet or is anyone wanting to read it? I would like to read it again sometime but not soon, so if anyone missed out on getting a free copy and would like to borrow mine I'll happily post it out - just let me know. :)

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I was one of the lucky subscibers to receive this free book, I'm so glad as I don't think I would ever have read it otherwise. I loved this book, you really feel Mariane's emotions as she goes through realising her husband is missing and her evetual realisation that he wasn't coming back to her. Beautifully written I really felt I was with her every step of the way. This has definately turned out to be the best book I have read so far this year. I agree with Opal, I wish now I had got round to seeing the film.

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I'm about half way through and am a bit scared to read it in public in case it gets sad and i start blubbing...! Think it is excellent though and I have a lot of admiration for Mariane.
I have just finished this book and was guilty of exactly that, sitting on teh train on the way home from work with tears in my eyes.


This book was superb - I've given it 5 stars. Marianne Pearl's writing was brilliant, eloquent and deeply moving. The whole story was very sad and even though I knew the outcome I kept reading hoping that it ended differently.


The strength that Marianne Pearl demonstrates is beyond belief; I would like to think that I would show the same strength in that situation but I'm not sure that I would be able to.


I'd recommend this book to everyone, a very moving, beautifully written book. A real five star of a book.

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