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Going a long way back.....

I can’t remember being read to at bedtime. My father would make up stories and act them out; they were fun. My mother wasn’t interested in books.


These are the books I enjoyed reading myself:

The Coloured Fairy Books  - Red, Green, Violet, Yellow, Pink etc - edited by Andrew Lang.  I loved these so much that I kept re- reading them.

The Famous Five and Adventure Books - Enid Blyton. ( kept re- reading these too)

Aesop Fables

Greek Mythology

The Eagle of the Ninth - and other books by Rosemary Sutcliffe


Oliver Twist and David Copperfield - Dickens.

The Secret Garden - We had to read this out aloud  during an embroidery class,  at primary school. I don’t think I liked it much.


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Lots of Enid Blyton - Famous 5, Adventure books


The Secret Garden

Mary Plain (a Swiss bear, a sort of female Paddington!)

Nancy Drew

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The Jungle Books



The Narnia books

Doctor Doolittle

Just William

Frances Hodgson Burnett (all the books I could get hold of)

Louisa May Alcott.  As well as the Little Women books we had Under the Lilacs and Eight Cousins.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Edith Nesbit.  I had a friend who had all her less well known books.

and more and more and more...

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