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Well there's an imminent film based around the Sin City world created by Frank Miller, so maybe it's pertinent to discuss the graphic novel series.

Personally i find this one of the most stylish series. The artwork is brilliant, and the characters are seedy social misfits; asassins, private eyes, blonde bombshells, strippers and whores. I really hope the film captures the quality correctly. Having seen the trailer, it does actually look very good.

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Watched the Sin City film a few times over the past few days, and it's one of the most stylishly shot and executed films i've ever seen. Hard to explain, but it's shot exactly like the comics if anyone else is familiar with them. Amazing stuff, and unlike any other film, as far as i can remember anyway. An eye-opener, with some great performances, let-down only by the acting of one Ms Brittany Murphy, who to all extent and purposes is crap! In trying to look as alluring as the other gals, she ends up looking more like a bush-rat with a bad pout. Mickey Rourke however, is truly awesome, bless 'im, he's still got the talent.

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