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What famous TV shows have you never seen?

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Inspired by MD&G's thread and by a conversation I had this morning, I thought I'd start a thread about the TV shows people have never seen.


I have never ever seen an episode of:



Miami Vice

Hawaii 5-0


Peak Practice



Holby City

Where The Heart Is

St Elsewhere

LA Law

Knight Rider



Midsomer Murders

A Touch Of Frost...


Yet I'm a big TV watcher. Go figure!

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I can only envy those who have never seen an episode of Seinfeld, when I think of the pleasure that they have to come in their lives. I would recommend wholeheartedly the brilliant DVD of the first three series which came out in time for Christmas. Not only is it the perfect introduction to the greatest ever sitcom, but it is the best packaged DVD I have ever come across. It suits both aficianados and those who have never seen a minute of it.

Frasier was great in its time too (probably series 2 to 5). It seriously jumped the shark when Niles and Daphne go together (sorry to spoil it for you, MFJ. ;) ).

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If it's been televised since January 2000, I probably haven't seen it.


When I politely asked my ex-husband to leave, he took the tv, among other things. I was happy with this since I rarely watched it anyway.


I've seen an episode here and there at friends' houses--less than ten, I'd guess.


I didn't even know what Survivor was the first year it was out!


5 years later without television (except for movies--I'm a movie pig)--I do not miss it at all.

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I've never seen:



Sex & The City


St. Elsewhere

A Football Match - I HATE Football

The West Wing


Pretty much all USA stuff (I don't care much for Americana) :(


Then again the stuff I have seen is too long to list! :)


Favourite progs of all time are:

Inspector Morse

Timeslip (1971 Children's TV Prog)

Any of Michael Palin's Travels (e.e.g Around the World in 80 days)


I received the latter as a box DVD set for Christmas :)

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I am sure I replied to this one in 2006 - unfortunately, those pages were never found.

I have never seen



Doctor Who

Big Brother



Coronation Street





I think I should mention the ones I have seen, there are not many series that I like to watch. British series I have seen are 2 point 4 children and My Family, I think that's about it, American ones Friends, Frasier, The Cosby Show, Fame and probably some older ones.

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