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what is everyone doing?

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1 hour ago, Viccie said:

Which one did you have Luna? I'm having my second in 2 weeks - Pfizer and I'm told that the second one can be a bit tough.

Pfizer. They told me about the side effects, which I ignored, and I haven't read the accompanying leaflet. No side effects at all. Of course, I could just be lucky. My doctor taught me that - not reading side effects because you'll just get them, so I didn't.


ETA My brother had the same vaccine the day after and he said he had a sore arm, as if it had been bruised. He did read the side effects.

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To follow on from my post of 3 weeks ago. No side effects whatsoever from my second Astra Zeneca vaccination. In spite of having what seemed to be the whole gamut of them in 24hrs the first time.


Most of my family done now. Younger DiL still to have her second, and Younger son will not get his first for a couple of weeks (he missed the cut off for 42s by a week, which is why DiL got hers first).

Elder son had the Moderna, so no second dose for him. The two eldest grandchildren have had their first doses, and my brother & SiL have had both of theirs.

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Me and my girlfriend had the astrazeneca last Monday (first jab) and we felt bloody awful the following day. Not so bad now.



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It’s me Momac under a new password, hope everyone is fine, glad to be here although we are in lockdown until June 2.   We have sold our house and are moving in to a retirement home in June and our house is in  upheaval right now.  Talk later, trying to fill out dratted Census. Hi Kevin, thanks for getting in touch.

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Great to have you back Momac! Glad you got the new password sorted.

I look forward to catching up with your news when you have sorted out the chaos of removals and can finally draw breath! 

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