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what is everyone doing?

Sideshow Meg

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Cooool! Can you get a piccy?
That would involve me being a lot braver than I am. Not that I'm scared of them, just like to keep a respectful distance! He's been lurking about our street for a while and was seen eating a mouse a few gardens down last week. In fact, I think we might have a few of them about as this one seemed longer and thinner than the one I saw a few days back.
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Well, I've done it.


I got a letter from City University yesterday offering me a place to start in the autumn, so this morning I've revealed my plans to HR and my manager at work. They theoretically have the right to turn my request for a career break down, but in my opinion they'd have to be quite mad to do so.


By the end of next month, all being well I'll be a student again.

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The survey on the house I'm buying arrived today. While it has the seriously written parts saying the house isn't about to fall down, the comments on the interior are excellent:


"Ceilings throughout are of plasterboard finished with artex of varying designs, but I find the squirl in the living room to be particularly galling, particularly unattractive and I could quite understand one's wish to reskim this ceiling"


‎"The living room fireplace, something of a monstrosity"


"The kitchen has an adequate range of wall and floor units, but frankly I suspect you will wish to gut the kitchen and start again - who could blame you?"


"Walls and ceilings are mainly emulsioned in differing pastel colours and again I fully anticipate you will be redecorating"


I just sat their giggling while I read it, which I'm sure it not the norm when reading a property survey. :D

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Thanks for the congrats, everybody.

I hope LL is ready to find you slumped by the door beside a pool of vomit...


Since at the time of writing LL is resting up at home with a dicky tum :(, at the moment I'm quite worried that I might find her slumped by a pool of vomit.

Can I ask what you'll be studying?
Of course you can, FLS. I'm going to be taking a Masters' Degree in Library Science at City University.


Love that survey, MarkC.

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