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what is everyone doing?

Sideshow Meg

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I'm hiding from my children....until their Dad puts them to bed :o They've gone completely hyper this evening for some reason, and I'm just going to get cross with them if they find me, cos I'm not in a patient mood at the moment. (Sorry, kids!)


After that, I'm supposed to be doing some work for the church I go to....but I'll probably spend most of the evening procrastinating and faffing around instead :o (I'm an expert!)


Naughty Claire :eek:


Very pleased to have found such a fab website to visit while I'm skiving, though :D

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I'm doing some very last minute revision for a "Mathematical Analysis" exam at 9am tomorrow that I can't afford to fail. It's a subject I hate with a passion usually reserved for tractors on A-roads, Saturday morning TV presenters, tractors on lanes, miniskirts, tractors with hay bales that keep losing bits of their load, and art students.


Needless to say it is not going well. :mad:

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Good luck with the exam, Fiona_1984 :cool: Do let us know how it goes when you come back....

Thank you! :)

It went ok, could have been better, but not much I can do about it now! Anyway, I've only got one left now, so I should really be working for that, but I have a man replacing my kitchen in a day today, and he's making a lot of noise, so I can't concentrate!

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I'm sitting in my high school library because I do not have a first, seccond, or third period class. Go running start! I am also taking classes at the local comunity college. Damn Saturday U.S. History class, 4 1/2 hours long!


I am also on http://www.rumandmonkey.com reading some absolutly hillarious articles and posting on their message boards.

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