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I watched the movie without even realising it was a book (though I am sure my Dad mentioned it once)and I found it very interesting, true the effects for the infected wasn't the best I'd ever seen but still an interesting story.

After reading this thread I think I shall look for the book and pray that I don't find the movie adaptation version. Been a while since I read a good vampire book (the last being Anne Rice-Vittorio the Vampire).

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I have not read this, although by what you have written I'm sure its actually very good, I also really want to see the film, but I'm not sure if its in cinema's anymore!
It's not, but it is out on DVD now.
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This was an easy read and also short but no less absorbing. I read it because the film of the same name was on starring Will Smith. I'd seen the film before and enjoyed it so thought that now was as good a time as any to read the book.


Richard Neville is, as far as he knows, the only human being left alive in a world of vampires. He survives for three years on his own and then meets a woman that he thought might not be a vampire since he saw her upright and conscious during the day. Then things get really interesting.

This is a superb book with a new (to me) take on the vampire myth. It's not as bloody as you would imagine a vampire novel to be it's also very dystopian




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