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    • By Momo
      Dava Sobel - Galileo's Daughter: A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith, and Love - 2000
      A very interesting book. Though I think the title is not entirely correct since this book is more about Galileo himself than about his daughter. 
      However, the life Galileo lead is portrayed very well. The book describes the time and the difficulties scientists had to deal with as well as the different circumstances in which people lived at the time. The choice women had was not great. They could either marry or enter a convent. They had to deal with a lot of illnesses, including the plague. The inhabitants of the franciscan convent had to endure a hard life, they almost starved themselves to death because of their poverty.
      I liked this book very much because I love reading about people in different times.
      (thread first started 11.09.06)
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