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No Shitting in the Toilet - The travel guide for when you've really lost it

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No Shitting in the Toilet - The travel guide for when you've really lost it - Peter Moore - 1997

From the Back Cover

There are two things you really don't want to see in life. One is your parents having sex. The other is the state of the kitchen in restaurants catering for backpackers...


Taking its title from a sign on the loo door of a dodgy café in remotest China and based on his award-winning website, Peter Moore's NSITT is not really a normal travel guide. It might look like one in its choice of topics and structure (with chapters ranging from Visas and Health to Eating, Drinking, Transport and Travelling Companions) but it's quite the opposite. Instead of practical hints, NSITT gives you impractical ones; rather than tell you the best places to stay, it singles out the worst, and instead of celebrating transcendental travel experiences, it rejoices in the most demeaning ones.


Encapsulating the author's own travel philosophy: that things never quite turn out as expected, NSITT is the guide to the sort of world where you're more likely to find a cockroach on your pillow than a complimentary mint - a world where everything that can go wrong does, and yet you still end up loving every minute of it!

Just finished this travel book, it's hilarious. The author has an official website which you can find here.

Have fun.

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