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barblue 31st August 2006 02:50 AM


Amy Lowell


I have tried a search and find no reference to Amy Lowell. As one of the Imagist poets of the Modernist era of literature, I came across her work during my studies as a mature student a few years ago. I am particularly fond of the prose poem Spring Day, only part of which is in my copy of Penguin books Imagist Poetry. I did however trace a copy on the web, so I now have the complete poem.


I am finding it exceedingly difficult to obtain a copy of one of her books at a reasonable cost. Borders have been trying to get me a copy of Men, Women and Ghosts since March this year and I am still waiting. I did manage to borrow a copy, however, from my local library, but only after they tracked down a copy at the other end of the country, so I could only have it for a few weeks.


The pictures that Lowell evokes in her work are so mesmeric. Imagists treat the hard urban landscape like the rural, using poetic language, and in so doing soften the harsh realities of city life. Ezra Pound is another that I love although I haven't read as much of his. In a Station of the Metro is only three lines (if you count the title - which you must do) but the picture it portrays is so powerful.


Does anyone else enjoy this poetry?


elfstar 1st September 2006 02:30 PM


I know nothing about Amy Lowell but if you click the link to Abebooks you can buy a copy of Men Women and Ghosts for £7.22 plus £2.80 postage from America. New book too. Several other of her works are available as well (some printed to order)


I have used Abebooks and they were very good. Do use the link in the hope that Bill gets something from it.


barblue 1st September 2006 07:58 PM


Many thanks elfstar. I will check that Borders have still not got my order in and then do as you say. If you ever get to read some of Lowell's work do let me know what you think.


elfstar 2nd September 2006 09:04 AM


I looked her up on Google and read a few at random,I particuarly liked this...





A face seen passing in a crowded street,

A voice heard singing music, large and free;

And from that moment life is changed, and we

Become of more heroic temper, meet

To freely ask and give, a man complete

Radiant because of faith, we dare to be

What Nature meant us. Brave idolatry

Which can conceive a hero! No deceit,

No knowledge taught by unrelenting years,

Can quench this fierce, untamable desire.

We know that what we long for once achieved

Will cease to satisfy. Be still our fears;

If what we worship fail us, still the fire

Burns on, and it is much to have believed.


barblue 3rd September 2006 09:19 AM


.... and so do I, though it's not one I know. She was quite a prolific writer over many years, as you may have discovered from the Google search. Did the poem move you in any way. For me Amy writes such descriptive and, at the same time, moving prose poetry. The density of her work takes me to that place with such heightened awareness of time, place and emotional involvement. But then I am a fan! Love to know what you think though.

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