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A Rather Silly Poem

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Crystalwizard 20th January 2007 07:20 PM


Someone mentioned doggerel to me and this just insisted on being written.


The Doggerel and the Caterwaul

(A poem in the style of Lewis Carroll)


A doggerel and a caterwaul,

Agreed to have a free-for-all.

They hissed and howled and snarled as they fought.


The doggerel thought the caterwaul,

Would turn and flee, and thus forestall,

His being turned into a pile of mush.


But loudly squalled the caterwaul,

The sound it was just horrible,

And frightened the poor doggerel forsooth.


Then jumped the screaming caterwaul,

Upon the frightened doggerel,

And dug its claws into the trembling flesh.


A-yelping ran the doggerel,

Away from field and caterwaul,

And never did he even look behind.


Down sat the purring caterwaul,

The winner of the free-for-all.

And snickered as the doggerel ran away.


"That'll teach ya", thought the caterwaul,

"Ya' mean ol' ugly doggerel."

Then happily did he curl up to sleep.


The moral of this story y'all,

Is watch out for the caterwaul,

And don't be looking for to start a fight

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