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Rescued Post from 5th October 2006 07:33 PM


The Library by Sarah Stewart was one of the first books I was asked to review for Children's Books UK.


Please see review, copied below, and equally go and have a look at the site!


Originally Posted by http://www.cbuk.info

Originally published in the United States in 1995, it seems incredible that The Library has taken so long to be reproduced for the UK market.


The tone of the book is set immediately with the beautiful end papers.


It is hard not to like Elizabeth Brown, a book-obsessed child, whose life story is recounted here in rhyme. The illustrations clearly reflect the text perfectly, and David Small's attention to detail really bring Elizabeth and her surroundings to life - younger readers especially will love to scour the pages to see what Teddy is up to now!


Aside from the main pictures on each page, there are smaller line drawings around the text (reminiscent of Shirley Hughes), which pull out key words from the poetry.


Some of the illustrations and vocabulary are very American (e.g. flashlight, potato chips and near-sighted), but this does not detract from the pleasure this books can give. If anything, these Americanisms serve to reinforce the sense of place in the book: Mary Elizabeth Brown, to whom the book is dedicated, was indeed American.


The more confident reader will enjoy the repetition and rhyme, and older readers will like the humour and the moral. This really is a book for book lovers, and the twist at the end will leave you smiling all day!


Please note that very sadly Children's Books UK does not exist any more.

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