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Holes - Overall opinions


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Rescued Thread - Poll lost

Flingo 30th June 2006 06:25 PM

Well we are nearly in July, and despite a lot of people reading Holes there has been little discussion really. So those that did read, or start, what did you really think?

Vote above!

katrina 2nd July 2006 12:56 PM

I enjoyed the book but as I had read it before fairly recently it was too fresh in my mind to really enjoy it. On the discussion side of things I thought that maybe as a book group read for adults it didn't offer enoughscope for discussion, maybe we could have picked a book with more about it, I felt it was too straight forward to really create a grippig discussion.

I was alsos moving during this read so wasn't on the internet much, will have broadband setup this week so i will be able to participate inthe next read. When do we start voting for that? I thought we were going to pick the themes for the next six months as well but that never seemed to come about.

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