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The Theatre, dahling.

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Last Saturday night went to see All My Sons at the Dundee Rep. As expected another powerful thought provoking play by Arthur Miller. 


Telling the story of a family coming to terms with the loss of one of their sons in WW2, Miller reveals his story like a weaver producing a patterned rug. As the story progresses we find out more and more about the family and what happened to them during the war. 


This is currently on at the National Theatre ( different actors of course - Sally Field being one of them I think) and is being broadcast into cinemas soon. Highly recommended. You won't come out laughing but you will be captivated by the power of his story telling.    

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Thursday night went to see Eleanor's Story. A one woman play performed by Ingrid Garner based on her grandmother who at the age of nine in 1939 moved with her family from USA to Berlin. An excellent capitvating performance from Ingrid gracefully capturing the various family members as she relays this story of youthful survival. Highly recomended though beware you may just have the odd tear in your eye by the end. 

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