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I hope you don't mind a bit of self-toot here. I have found, when you are starting out often you are the only one to blow the horn.

WolfPointe is a psychological thriller with a dose of supernatural, just for added zip. It was a blast to write and if you are so inclined either ask for it at your library or purchase a copy nearly everywhere.

Always willing to talk. And a second Malcolm MacKurghdy Mystery is in the works. :D

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Whenever anyone asks this question I always answer, "Be ready for rejection." I don't think that answer can adequately get you ready for rejection. My advice is - go into selling Life Insurance. Once you get used to that rejection, literary rejection is easy.

I wrote another novel first --- took years. I don't know how to type (well beyond 2 fingers) so the 224000 epic took while. Especially once I discovered it does not come off you fingers ready-to-read. You have to edit and change and mold and explain. As it turned out THAT was the easy part.

I was bound and determined NOT to self publish, NOT to vanity publish and NOT to subsidy publish. I wanted a contract for royalty. My publisher was to pay all the expenses. That my friends take time.

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I came across the mention of this book on the site and thought it sounded interesting so bought myself a copy. I found it an engaging read, with a strong plotline and convincing characters. The creepy setting is used to good effect, with a new development of houses being built alongside the unpleasant swamp where something even more unpleasant lurks. The narrative is complex and the thriller element presents a range of likely motivations and levels of involvement. There's also a good measure of horror and any fans of Stephen King are bound to love this book.

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