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Holes - Symbolism


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Flingo 9th June 2006 10:52 PM

I've been thinking about holes and their relevance. Does anyone else think the holes in the lake bed symbolise more than physical holes?

All the characters had something missing from their lives, something major that could make / have made everything fantastic.

Stanley and his family with the curse and the bad luck; Kate with the loss of Onion Sam; the warden's parents life (and ultimately her own) was taken over by holes; even Zero's name suggests loss.

Leading on from this to the ending:

when the "treasure" is found and the curse is broken, the rain falls, the lake fills and thus the holes are filled. Everyone has a happy ending and the holes in their lives are filled.

katrina 10th June 2006 08:37 AM
I was wondering about the symbolism whilst I read the book, particuarly in relation to America and kids lives. Have yet to come up with a satisfying answer that isn't too obvious, I think there is more going on with this book than just what is presented at surface level. I didn't pick up on this the first read at all.

'Zero' is obviously a blank which needs filling, a non-entity but as a character he seems the most rounded (no pun intended). The other characters seemed to be hiding behind the roles created by their nicknames. Zero is also the only character not accepted and intigrated into the group

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