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Chance Encounters With The Famous


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I once bumped into Kiki Dee in a sandwich shop near the Palace Theatre in Manchester in the early 80s. I knew her face but couldn't place her, so I said hi and asked her something along the lines of if she worked in purchasing on the 4th floor. It wasn't til I got outside and saw her pic outside the theatre that I realised it was her.


I was once backstage with a band called the Quire Boys because a friend of ours knew the singer well. When my other half left the room to go to the loo he was met by a gaggle of screaming girls trying to get through security, who all screamed "aaaahhhh" followed by a rather deflated "oh" as he left the room - not good for the ego huh!


I was once stood in the reception of a hotel complaining about a rather disgusting room we'd been allocated, when Jeremy Beadle walked past - apparentlly he was staying there too. It was a surreal moment


If you are really famous yourself, I wonder what would happen if you found yourself in a lift with another really famous person. Would you chat to each other as if you knew each other (cos you kinda might feel like you do) or do you just stare at the ceiling and pretend not to notice?

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I went to see the Rothko exhibition at Tate Modern this weekend, which I can thoroughly recommend to all art lovers. On reaching the final room, I found Jeremy Hardy intently studying the little guide booklet all visitors are handed. He's quite short.

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