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Chance Encounters With The Famous


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RR and MFJ, you're both off the mark. If you came up with that figure from their public profiles, RR, then I hope you leave the number-crunching to others at work. :cool: ...


I am the FD actually! But naturally in that role I have to have total integrity and never even thought of looking at public profiles to help...

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MD&G - we could have met all those years ago! I worked at EMI (which I believe it is still known as by the locals) in Wells from 1980. When I started there, I was entitled to a staff discount on entry to Wookey Hole - not sure whether this meant that EMI owned Tussauds at the time?

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No sign of Tommy, but I did come across Monty Don twice at the Gardeners World Live Show yesterday.


Last years show was better for meeting 'celebrities', I bought plants off Joe Swift and Carol Klein, both of whom are presenters in the current series of Gardeners World, and also from Geoffrey Hughes (Onslow in Keeping Up Appearences), who was doing a stint on some wildlife(?) charity stall.

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Knew this thread was around somewhere. Finally met someone (who used to be) famous.


I was having my hair done at Andrew Collinge yesterday and one of the guys in the shop looked vaguely familiar. And so he should have been - being Andrew Collinge and all... He looked like he'd had a really bad day.

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