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How Many Books Per Week

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Sunrise 22nd October 2006 10:35 PM


Hi Everyone!


I am so excited to be part of this forum and I am looking forward to being introduced to some great books!


I was wondering how many books all of you enjoy per week. I average about one these days. I feel that there are so many to enjoy though and I want to make time for more.


If you read a lot, how do you make the time?


Talk soon!






Hazel 23rd October 2006 07:12 AM


I have no idea how many I read a week as it can vary. Some weeks I manage 3 some just 1, but I guess we could work out an average if we look at our book lists and work it out. I think I am at 65 for the year so far...


Welcome to BGO Sunrise!




Mungus 23rd October 2006 08:45 AM


I'm on 62 for the year so far. I feel like I read about a book a week, but I guess some slip down easier than others!




katrina 23rd October 2006 11:40 AM


i've read 67 so far this year. I can manage maybe one a week when I'm at school but in the holidays sometimes 4 or 5 a week




Barblue 23rd October 2006 12:45 PM


I haven't had a count up for the year, but I reckon I get through about one a week - although last week I read three!




tagesmann 23rd October 2006 02:41 PM


I've managed 44 sop far this year, which is almost exactly one a week. But some weeks I will get through a few and other books can take me weeks to finish.

I don't tend to set targets, the books decide how fast I will read them...



My Friend Jack 23rd October 2006 02:41 PM


I'm way down on the rest of you. It takes me 2 or 3 weeks to read an average book, and that varies depending on where I am working (and whether I can fit in some train reading. I've just started on LOTR (1,008 pages), so my average will take a dip. LOTR is too big to fit into my laptop bag, so I have something smaller for the train, so LOTR could last me until Christmas!




My Friend Jack 23rd October 2006 02:42 PM


...and on behalf of the good members of this forum, may I be the first to bid you welcome, Sunrise!




Flingo 23rd October 2006 05:51 PM


Indeed - WELCOME, Sunrise - do pop into the Introductions thread and tell us a little more about yourself and what you like to read!


I have just started my 92nd book of the year - which means that I read just over 2 books a week. That said, I seem to have sped up in the last couple of months, so I am averaging more now than I was back in January (6 in the month for Jan, as opposed to 12 already in October).


I tend to feel that if I have been reading a book for more than a week, it can't have grabbed me and it is dragging (as a Gemini, I have a short attention span!).


I don't know when I find the time to read - mostly it is done in the evening for about an hour before I swtch the light off (if I can stay awake!) or when I have a bath. If I am early to a meeting / visit I will read, if I am on the train I will read, if I am stuck in traffic I have been known to pick up my book! I also have a fantastic partner who feels that on our days off (ie weekends for ordinary people, but as I work every other Saturday I get a day off in that week) we shouldn't do housework as it is "me time" so I get time to read without interruption then. Part of the joys of not having children I suspect!




kelmarie 23rd October 2006 05:52 PM


i read about a book a week




Mungus 23rd October 2006 06:01 PM


I tend to feel that if I have been reading a book for more than a week, it can't have grabbed me and it is dragging (as a Gemini, I have a short attention span!).

I share this feeling. If I've started a new book and after a few days I'm still only on page 40 or so, I start to question whether it deserves any more of my attention. I read for fun rather than to learn, challenge myself or tick books off lists so I'll often abandon a book. Non-fiction books are exempt from this practice.




minxminnie 23rd October 2006 08:04 PM


Like some others, I vary according to the book, but it also depends on my workload and life in general. I read a lot of newspapers, and I bring a lot of reading-related work home, so when things are busy, a book can hang on for weeks. On the other hand, I can get through a book every two or three days in the holidays. But if I read a book too quickly, I tend to find that I forget most of it, or I sicken myself. I read both Bridget Joneses in more or less one sitting, once because I was stuck in an airport delay, and people are always mentioning bits that I can't remember!




MarkC 24th October 2006 12:02 PM


Last year I was averaging about a book a week. This year it's a lot lower and will probably be less than two a month.




Grammath 25th October 2006 07:45 PM


I started the year's 52nd book on Sunday, which I think makes for a complete book every 5 days.




LesleyMP 26th October 2006 04:11 PM


Hello Sunrise, welcome to BGO! :)


I think I average one book per week but, I do often have two or three books on the go at any one time so......

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I've read more since January than I'd read by this time last year. These days I'm getting through around one book a week, but lately I'm reading two at the same time (though not literally!).


Depends on the book as well. It took me two weeks to read Bleak House and about a week and a half to read House of Leaves. The short ones I get through in a few days.


I'm not a particularly fast reader, but I read the books I'm really enjoying much quicker. I once had a friend who read scarily fast. I don't know how she remembered the plot!

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